Monday, July 18, 2011

How to SKATE through a SKATEBOARD Cake :)

This is the first blog of the site - so first off, Welcome

I get a lot of questions on cakes, recipes, etc. so my goal with this blog is to help all you bakers out there get inspired & excited about creations in the kitchen! Or "kitchen adventures" if you will :) 

First recipe I will post is on the SKATEBOARD cake
Perfect for teenagers birthdays or anyone that's got a love for the board. It actually was incredibly simple, and didn't take long at all to arrange! So, get your helmets - and here we go!

First off, here is what you will need for this cake:
~4 boxes of cake mix
~2 or 3 containers of frosting
~food coloring (for whatever colors you would like to make your skateboard)
(any fillings you would like to add - double the normal amount for this cake)
~Pack of chocolate donuts, for the wheels of the skateboard
~Cookie sticks (I used Oreo FunStix), this will be for the rod that connects the wheels
~ A 9x13" cake pan (for the base)
~A 9" Circle Cake Pan (for the sides)

(For the donuts & Funstix - I'd suggest getting a bigger box rather than the bare minimum, because then you'll have extras to "taste test" throughout the baking - we all know how kitchen munchies come out to play!)

And here we go! 

1. BAKING: Bake the cakes as directed on box - baking one cake in the 9x13" pan, and one cake in the 9" circle pan. For this cake, it requires a double layer so you will have to do this step twice so it's the size you want it to be and actually is made of FOUR cake mixes. 

2. CHILL: Once all four cakes are baked you need to refrigerate them so that they can cool. That way when you go to crumb-coat & sculpt the cakes, they won't fall apart on you.
**you can stack them in the refrigerator between layers of wax paper

3. SCULPT: The next step is cutting the cakes to the shape you want. Now that the cakes are hard and cold, you shouldn't have too much problems cutting the cakes to the shape you want. Here is how I cut my board:
With the 9" circle cakes - just cut them both in HALF for the sides 
Note: I did chocolate AND vanilla cakes so don't be alarmed by the colors
4. FILLING: Once your cakes are sculpted, it's time to add the filling (if you are doing so). When stacking the cakes you want to fill them before adding the top layer because once it's on, it's not coming off. LOL Trust me on that one.

My skateboard cake is Chocolate Cake with Raspberry filling, and Vanilla cake with Buttercream filling - but you can do any creation you want. It's your creation, your rules :)

5. FROST: Once your cakes are chilled, sculpted & filled - it's the fun part: FROSTING! 
Once you get the color you want with your frosting & food coloring, it's time to frost! 

Frosting is a really patient task - you have to be patient and take your time otherwise your cake will take on a life of it's own. The crumbs can flake off into the frosting, the frosting may run off on it's own course off the cake, or you could mess up the shape by rushing the frosting over the corners... Whatever the risks - they're not worth risking. So - take your time and don't get frustrated, the decorations can always work as "patch-ups" if something does go wrong ;)

Once you're done frosting - the cake is pretty much done! 

For this next part - you will need to get those donuts & cookie sticks and assemble the wheels!
6: ASSEMBLY: Grab two donuts and connect them on the ends of the cookie sticks and vualla! You have your wheels - then place them on the board and you're skateboard is complete! 
(Hint - I stuck tooth picks through the donuts into the cake to make sure they stayed in place)

Now all that's left is - DECORATING

Decorating is my personal favorite part of the "Baking Process" because that is when your true creative-eye can show off. It's when you get to take a cake and really turn it into your own personal creation

For this cake - it was for a client and they had a company Logo they wanted on it - so I cut out the logo in red fondant, and placed it in the middle. For you though - the sky's the limit on what you want to do with your skateboard design! Anything from flames, to words, to graffiti to stars - it's your skateboard ! 

& Vualla ! 
You have officially completed your very own Skateboard Cake and SCULPTED CAKE! Now get the camera ready & enjoy showing off your beautiful creation. You officially deemed yourself HIT of the party! Enjoy!

Here are some other designs you could do with your skateboard (taken from Google)


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