Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Leaves Are Changing!

Well, it's officially Fall! I've been so excited for Fall to come and it finally is all around us! For the last week I've found myself totally embracing Fall and all that comes along with it. I've spent days walking around Target, The Dollar Store, Michaels & other nearby stores just finding decorations upon decorations to make our house more festive.

After 8+ trips, I'd say my house is finally (almost) complete! And I must say, I'm pretty proud of all the stuff I found, without having to break the bank! Gotta love great finds & great deals! 

Vase - $1 at Dollar Store
Pinecones - $2 at Michaels
Two sets of leaves - $2 at Dollar Store

Sparkly "Harvest" piece - $3 at Michaels

"Warning: Witch with Attitude!"
$2 at Michaels - Funny how all the guys in my house thought this was the best piece I bought.. hmm, not sure if that's a good thing. But I am the ONLY female in the house, so I suppose it comes with the territory? LOL
This is my first "arrangement" I've put together before. I got the pumpkins from the Dollar Store, the Pinecones (mentioned previously) came from Michaels in a bag for $2 and the basket was from the Dollar Store as well. As well as the two ceramic pumpkins on the sides.
"In Our Home, Let love abide, and Bless All who Step Inside."
Love this! I may have to leave this up all year long just because it's so sweet. Found this for $4 at Michaels! Yes - they're Fall and Halloween section is ALL 40% off and AMAZING! Definitely recommend checking out.
Trick Or Treat piece - $2 at Michaels
This is my first ever flower arrangement! It looks a lot better in person because you can see all the different flowers, etc. I used in the arrangement. The jar and "moss" came from Dollar Store, as well as all the flower/leaf pieces. I also threw in some extra pinecones from the bag I got at Michaels (That $2 went a long way, and made the house smell great!)
This was a cute little Fall planter I found at the Dollar Store and worked perfectly for our little bar table in the kitchen :)
LOVE! Naturally I fell in love with this as soon as I seen it. Then found out it was only $3 at Michaels and fell MORE in love!
Super cute Halloween towels at Target! 2 in a pack for $1 ! If you've never checked out their Dollar Section at Target - Do yourself a favor and run over NOW and check it out. All year long you'll find the most random, amazing finds!
This is Frank! He is a HUGE scarecrow and cost $4 at Michaels! Can't find a better deal than that! I probably will go back and get some more once payday comes around. They're making the front yard looks SPOOCtacular :)
Window Clings! Three packs of assorted Fall & Halloween ones for $1 each at Michaels. Such an easy way to make the house festive on the outside :)
Had to take a picture of Grizzly (Our 1-year-old Chorkie) laying down on the haystack. She's in her Halloween Skeleton Pajamas we got her at Target for $7 (she has three different pairs) - but she looks so cute & festive here!
My mom bought & brought me over this hay barrel she found for $5 and I must say - it makes the outside PERFECT! I may go get another one this weekend for the other side of our patio section. As well, she got me some huge cornstocks, I have yet to put out yet. This weekend we're going to get all the pumpkins from our local pumpkin patch so that will complete our haystack look - and outside look in general :) Can't wait! I LOVE pumpkin patches!
Hanging skeletons (I put four out in front of our porch) and the witch on the broomstick were ALL $1 at the Dollar Store!

I'm such a sucker for great deals and I had so much fun decorating our house for Fall & Halloween, I just had to share. Hope this helped give you some great tips on where to shop for great, affordable decorations! If you come across any great finds yourself, please send my way - you can never OVER decorate, can you? LOL Guess we'll find out ;)

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  1. i LOVE your decor! makes me want to go out & buy even MORE stuff haha!