Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween trick or TREATS

This Halloween I really got to play around with the normal cupcakes & cakes and decorate them for Halloween. Halloween isn't a really big holiday for our family anymore, however, this is the first year the bakery is really up & running & I was pretty busy this month with some fun Halloween orders. I must admit, it was nice playing dress-up with the treats & seeing all the kids faces when the "Cupcake Lady" would arrive with the treats for the party. It's those moments that I remember why I love doing what I do, and it's those days I remember the fun in Halloween. Anywho, here's some treats I got to make this year for Halloween orders I had :)

Caramel Apples with Halloween Sprinkles

Rice Krispy Treat Pumpkins!
I must admit, since seeing these on Pinterest I've been dying to make these & was so happy I got an order of them. Any excuse to make Rice Krispy Treats - is good enough for me :) & yes, I made plenty extra for myself & house

Halloween Cupcakes! These were lots of fun & so easy thanks to Michaels & they're always-fabulous holiday decorating aisles. It's a wonder I don't invest stock in that company yet for how much money I put into them weekly..

I got asked to make some goody bags for a Harvest Festival Bake Sale. It was fun & I got to play around with packaging & (for some odd reason) that's my most favorite part about the "treat" business. The bags were full of funfetti cookies (YUM!) Also a first making those & definitely had to run to the store afterwards to make some for my house!

Graveyard Cake! This was super fun and so simple!! The cookies were Milanos & I just wrote on them and froze them overnight so the writing wouldn't bleed. Then stuck on some Spooky Ghost PEEPS & wiggly worms and crushed up lots of oreo cookies to give the "dirt impression". It was chocolate cake with Oreo Cookie filling :)   

After this year of making treats & having Halloween orders, I'm really looking forward to next year and all the fun I get to have with the next would of tricking & TREATING! :)

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